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Affiliate Marketing Strategy – Money w/ Private Label Rights

Tweet Affiliate Marketing Strategy – How to Make Lots of Money with Private Label Rights (PLR) Products Private label rights (PLR) has been a hot topic over the past few years and for a good reason. When you get PLR to a product, you can take that product and make it into your own content or [...]

Affiliate Marketing Strategy – Creating An Affiliate Product Review Site

Tweet Today we will be looking an affiliate marketing strategy which will help you to create your own affiliate product review site. Because people want to know what to expect before purchasing a product, this is an excellent marketing strategy to use to create sales and trust. With that being [...]

How to Create An Affiliate Program and Boost Your Sales (Part 1)

Tweet How to Create An Affiliate Program and Automatically Grow Your Business   One of my favorite moments was when someone taught me about synergy. The example they used was two horses pulling a cart. Each horse can pull approximately 500 lbs. (I’m making that up, because I don’t [...]
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