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A Selfish Person Returns No Favors – – Me Me All the Time

Tweet Are you going to be selfish? Will you be greedy? Are you going to look back at where you came from when you get rich? I just asked you that just in case in the near future you will be rich:) Let’s say you are struggling right now and although you are putting forth a lot of effort to get back [...]
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Who’s to Blame.. God or You?

Tweet Alot of people in this world are not contented with what they have, or have had . Well, for me, it is not a bad thing. It is always a good  thing to dream for a better life for you and for the ones you love. It is not bad to aim higher and be ambitious with what you want to become. On the [...]

EIRO Research Race to Vice President – Review This Marketing Strategy

Tweet EIRO Research is network marketing company that I have been following for a couple months now. And last month I created a couple video presentations to assist EIRO Representatives to find effective marketing strategies for their EIRO Research Opportunity. When I say effective marketing [...]

Three Feet from Gold or Six Feet from the Edge?

Tweet Three Feet From Gold or Six Feet From the Edge? Life is full of challenges, and ultimately those challenges leads us to a point where we have to make a tough decision. Do we keep going? or… Do we just toss in our chips? I can tell you that the easy choice is the later – giving up on your [...]

How To Boost Web Visitors Today

Tweet No business can thrive without a website. But the best site in the world won’t help your business unless you learn how to increase website traffic to your site. There are a variety of strategies for increasing web traffic, but the only way to succeed is to use a combination of all the best [...]
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