MLM Success Stories – Part II of The Truth about MLM

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MLM Success Stories

mlm success stories - the truth about mlmSome people will not believe anything if they do not experience it for themselves or hear it from multiple sources. Therefore, I am eliciting support from some of my fellow MLM bloggers. For the sake of time, I am only going to use some of the more popular mlm success stories articles.

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There are plenty of MLM Success Stories in our industry. Many people have gotten involved in our industry and changed their lives for the positive. Despite the MLM Horror Stories you see posted across the Internet, don’t make the mistake of believing that everyone fails in MLM. Many do, but not everyone.

Mlm success stories are made out of people who were willing to learn how to use the tools available to them to the fullest. The Internet is where the future of all commercial transactions will happen in a not too distant future. Those who don’t understand how marketing works, usually don’t understand what made them buy a pack of gum, a cool video game, or that lotto ticket. There is a bit of science behind the decisions you take, especially now that marketing messages are everywhere. It’s hard to go out today and not be influenced all these marketing ploys in front of us. Knowing what triggers people to take certain actions is vital to your online and offline success.
It is no longer uncommon to hear of very ordinary folks who only a few years ago were just eking out a miserable living now commanding six-figure incomes, working from home. A few network marketers have even developed their business to a level where they now enjoy a standard of living that even they themselves dared to dream of a few tears ago. Have you found success in mlm? with all the mlm success stories around us (and yes, most of them are true), it’s all too easy to assume that everyone going into network marketing is assured a lifetime of financial transformation. But is that really the case? well, from personal experience, i can say that the truth lies somewhere in between. And it is one of the most popular business options for individuals who desire to earn extra income from home.

MLM Success Stories – People You May Know

For additional mlm success stories and motivation, you can take a look at an article I wrote a couple years ago, Three Feet from Gold. In this article I discuss some recognizable figures who were able to desire their way to fame in the network marketing industry.  Here are a few of the people mentioned in that article and a tidbit of the mlm success stories they wrote out in history..

Dani Johnson – homeless at 21 to millionaire at 23
Tony Robbins – turned $10 into millions by age of 24
Mike Dillard – waiting tables to millionaire at 29
Matt Morris – homeless at 21 to millionaire at 29

MLM Success Stories – Conclusion

I love talking about mlm in a positive light, because I believe in this industry and I personally know of the opportunities it creates. MLM and network marketing is your best opportunity to fulfill your dreams. You might not get there as quickly as some of the names above, and it may not happen the same way. However, if you keep at it and never give up, it can happen. Your MLM Success Story is waiting to be written.

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